As a result of growing national trends concerning mental health issues on college campuses, MAC created the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT).  The BIT has been charged with upholding policies and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for the college community.

BIT is not meant to take the place of standard classroom management techniques utilized by faculty.  Implementation of this team does not alter any existing discipline policies.  Rather, BIT centralizes the reporting of concerning student behavior, publicizes current policy and encourages early intervention.

BIT will utilize a database where real-time incident information will be submitted by college employees and students via an online incident report available on the BIT home page which is found via the MAC website.  Incident reports will be reviewed daily (Monday-Friday).  The team will follow up promptly with the individual initiating the report to gather additional information.  In most cases, an interview will be arranged with the student of concern to determine appropriate actions.  Incident reports should be completed when someone observes incidents of concerning, aberrant, dangerous or threatening behavior.