In the Classroom

o    Create opportunities for connections in your classroom and work to engage the withdrawn or socially isolated student.

o    Phrase feedback positively whenever possible.

o    During critiques, emphasize the purpose, process and benefit of them.  Seek to normalize the experience by using examples, such as an invited upperclassman’s work.

o    Understand that some students lack basic life skills and are playing catch-up in many areas.

o    Identify the MAC counselor, Mark Easter in Student Services (573-518-2211), as a resource regarding self-care, stress management, test anxiety, depression or other pertinent topics.

Outside the Classroom

o    Refer students to programs that will help them improve study skills and time management (EXCEL; the Learning Center; GUI1000 Principles Of College Success).

o    Identify career counseling as a tool for personal growth.  Contact Beth Lambert, career services coordinator, at 573-518-2193/Room 103 for more information.

o    Encourage student involvement in events, campus clubs or community activities. Contact Beth Lambert, student activities coordinator, for ideas, handouts or resources at 573-518-2193/Room 103.

o    Inform students with disabilities about the self-identification process to utilize accommodations.  Contact Lisa Leftridge, ACCESS services director at 573-518-2152/Room 103 for more information.

o    Engage with students at activities and on campus – they will feel valued!

o    Consult with the BIT as needed for feedback.  We are here to support all students and employees.