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Mineral Area College Online/Hybrid Student Expectations
Memorandum of Understanding 
         To enroll as on online/hybrid student, I understand that I am responsible for the following tasks:
I understand that by the first day of the semester, I will/must:
  • Have a valid and active MAC-Google Email account (No personal accounts accepted).
  • Have my MyMAC username and password available for course access.
  • Have the textbook and other mandated materials (if required).
  • Have an accessible computer with high-speed internet connection.
  • Have a backup computer and internet plan.
  • Have prerequisite computer skills including word processing, saving text files, sending and receiving email attachments, and uploading and downloading information via web browser.
  • Use Microsoft Office Suite or PDF Format only for paper assignments; no other computer software formats will be accepted.
I understand that during the semester, I will:
  • Maintain strict adherence to the course's instructor-generated outline, pace, and stated deadlines (i.e. due dates and upload times are clearly stated and firm) for all assignments.
  • Maintain personal responsibility for assigned reading and comprehension of textual materials.
  • Maintain personal responsibility for time management.
  • Maintain personal responsibility for necessary computer access and availability and maintain a working knowledge of computer software and programs associated with the class.
  • Maintain common courtesy, appropriate tone, and correct public writing skills in all self-generated exchanges with the instructor and fellow students (i.e. This is an academic class; appropriate, scholarly, and courteous address is expected.  Text, Twitter, or Facebook language is not acceptable). 
I understand that I will be administratively dropped:
  • For failure to meet the requirements set forth in the contract and/or syllabus for the course as stated by the course instructor.
  • For failure to complete two consecutive required assignments, or a combination of any three assignments.
  • Faculty may drop a student for "excessive absence" after two weeks of consecutive absences which occur during the first 75% of the semester or term.  Individual faculty members may define "excessive absence" differently.  The student should find out what that definition is for each course. 

I accept or decline these terms: