MAC offers the HiSET, the High School Equivalency Test in the Testing Room.  The HiSET consists of five subtests: Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing.

Missouri High School Equivalency Information

2024 HiSET Test Dates at MAC

Wednesday, July 17

Wednesday, July 31

Wednesday, August 14

Wednesday, August 28


How to Register for the HiSET

To register for the HiSET, please use the link below:
Since the test is given in sections, you will not need to complete the entire test at one time. You can choose to take one or two sections of the test at a time.

HiSET Price

HiSET® Exam at Testing Center
The total cost for all five tests testing at a testing center will be $120

Fee per Subtest (five subtests x $15 each = $75)
Testing Center Fee (five subtests x $7) = $35.00
Annual State Administration Fee = $10.00

Please note: Test-takers have two additional retakes available. Each subtest has a 12-month testing window, which starts when you purchase the subtest. If you retake a subtest, you will only pay the $7 test center fee.

HiSET Test Prep Materials

HiSET Resources


HiSET Transcript

Visit the DiplomaSender webpage and request your transcript online at The first certificate and transcript are free.

Contact the High School Equivalency Department at: 573-751-1249.