BIT will determine which member(s) will assess the "Student Concern/Incident Report" and determine actions consistent with college policy.

Assessment may include:

-       Confirming to reporting parties that the report was received.

-       Clarifying details.

-       Interviewing the involved individual(s).

Initial actions may include:

-       Referring student to support services.

-       Facilitating meeting between concerned parties.

-       Contacting parents, guardians, roommates, friends, faculty, coaches, etc.

Part of this protocol is an assessment of whether such notifications are legally permitted, and whether such notifications could be helpful or harmful to the intervention and to risk management priorities.

-       Mandating psychological assessment. ***

-       Voluntary/involuntary removal from campus. ***

-       Student(s) demonstrating an imminent threat to harm should be referred immediately to the Department of Public Safety.
***These policies are pending Board approval.

Follow-up actions may include:

-       Establishing return criteria.

-       Coordinating supportive services for a returning student.

- Establishing behavioral contract.

- Confirming continuity of care.

Accepting or appealing actions determined by BIT:

-       A student must appeal actions, via written response, addressed to the BIT Chair.

-      Failing to comply with the actions may result in referral to the Dean of Students for disciplinary actions.